Welcome to the New Age


Waste management has been relatively static over the past 50 years, with manual systems and regular everyday waste collection schedules dominating the market. But the cycle had been broken over the past decade when smart solutions, IoT devices and cloud services came into play.

The truth is, waste collection relies on fixed schedules, ignoring the real needs and demands. It is no secret that waste collection trucks constantly circle around cities and councils, sometimes visiting the same locations up to 4 times a day. That is not only an inefficient, but, ironically, a very wasteful method to go about collecting trash.

When shifted to a smart waste approach, sensors are able to alert teams when bins require collection. Work orders can be generated and a collection plan can be created for the waste management team, to collect the bins that require emptying, whilst ignoring those that don’t need attention. The systems can also alert when a bin needs urgent attention, to avoid loose litter or an overflow event. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Consequently, new routes can be drawn up based on the real-life data available at hand, putting an end to unnecessary trash collection trips and helping to keep your bills in check. No more trucks driving around collecting empty bins all day, meaning less pick-ups, less drivers and less fuel. Not only will you use just what you actually need, but also you will be able to reduce your city’s carbon footprint. When you think about it, it is indeed a win-win situation.