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preventative maintenance

Using sensors and data to improve workflows, we teach you how to make smart maintenance decisions based on needs, not schedule.

software development

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chatbots and assistants

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managed services

We have a pool of skilled contracting resources available to our customers for fixed-term projects and support with transitioning between systems and processes.

system integration

Our integration solutions allow platforms, systems and processes to be connected, meaning data can be synchronised, shared and transformed.

data analytics

We undertake thorough analysis of your current processes to determine inefficiencies and use this information to automate workloads.

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We maintain an agile approach to project delivery. We have experience with projects of varying scales and delivery models, and will accommodate your needs from end to end.

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We use the latest technologies to provide bespoke solutions, improving organisational efficiency and setting you apart in your field.

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Trusted Advisory

We employ a consultative approach to project delivery and act as a trusted advisory to our customers. We bring strong delivery experience with a verifiable list of satisfied clients.

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We value collaboration because we understand you know your city better than we do. We will work with you at each step to ensure the product is to standard, and will never make decisions without your approval.

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Partnering with Leaders

We have niche and worldwide partnerships in place with the best of breed technologies.

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Industry Experts

Our staff comprise a multi-award winning team of passionate technical specialists.

The Ipswich City Council Smart City Pilot Project at North Ipswich Reserve was one of the first larger deployments of IoT devices and technologies for CyQIQ. It was a complex project given the number of different devices, connectivity requirements and overseas suppliers to deal with. It was a true smart city test pit environment and CyQIQ did a great job in being able to deliver this complex project to Council who was also new to smart city projects. CyQIQ fulfilled the remit of the project and worked well with the Ipswich City Council cross-departmental team. Well done and thanks.

Ipswich City Council

CyQIQ provided excellent customer service and superior stakeholder engagement and advice when engaged by Livingstone Shire Council to work collaboratively to develop the Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy.

Livingstone Shire Council

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Australian UAV (AUAV) an award winning, ISO certified Australia-wide drone service provider. AUAV are focused on asset inspection, large area mapping and accurate aerial survey using drone technology offering a range of Drone and UAV services including:

  • Aerial mapping, survey and inspection – includes thermal and multispectral imagery as well as standard RGB(Red Green Blue)
  • Data capture in difficult environments using bespoke robotic crawlers and ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) to access hard to get places.
  • Data visualisation and 3D modelling through the AUAV inSiteTMportal

Established in 2013, AUAV is a pioneer in drone inspection and mapping services. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart along with several regional locations, they have the depth and breadth of resources to undertake projects of all complexities – locally and internationally.

With a management team of large multidisciplinary engineering capability and a staff of qualified surveyors,civil engineers, draftsmen, pilots, aircraft designers and software developers AUAV have a deep and broad skillset to deliverthe full spectrum of aerial data projects. AUAV can  design and create custom drone systems as well as undertake data analysis  using their own inSite™ visual asset inspection and management platform. The level of expertise at AUAV is unrivalled in the Australian market and we are excited to join forces with them. CyQIQ partner with AUAV to provide holistic expertise,,  particularly in asset management and remote monitoring scenarios, offering a wide variety of integrated solutions to our mutual customer base. We are able to provide drone services via the NPN2.18 Smart Cities and Connected Communities panel, working with our partners at AUAV.



Azentro specialise in unified communications, telephony and video, mobility, data and networks, telematics and health technology.

CyQIQ and Azentro work together to deliver integrated solutions to our mutual customers.



Easyweb Digital are experts in public wifi and associated services. CyQIQ and Easyweb partner to deliver smart city wifi offerings with an integrated approach.



We are excited to announce our partnership with Ligman Evolve, part of the LIGMAN group, whose mission is to deliver a world class solution for the telecommunications industry to install 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi based equipment in cities, suburban and rural areas enabling citizens to have access to high speed data through Fixed Wireless Access without the need for a landline.

LIGMAN Evolve aim to address the growing need of cities, councils, telecommunications and utilities providers to co-locate equipment onto infrastructure which meets all the legislative requirements and aids in reducing street clutter. Existing infrastructure was not designed to house the equipment required to provide these services, so the company developed a solution from the objective of telcos to meet this need.

Together, CyQIQ and LIGMAN Evolve offer a tailored solution in the EVOLUTION Pole system, which allows the integration of various smart city technologies in one location. CyQIQ provides the knowledge and expertise to integrate and analyse the vast amount of data which is gathered daily by cities, councils, and municipalities, while LIGMAN Evolve provides the centralised platform onto which the devices are installed, and enabling the infrastructure to be leased on the whole.

We are thrilled to expand our offering in partnership with LIGMAN Evolve, positioning both companies at the forefront of unique smart city solutions in Australia and beyond.












We are excited to announce our partnership with Parquery, a Swiss-based company focused on computer vision and machine learning for smart parking, object and vehicle classification and detection solutions.

Parquery started out in 2014 through a smart parking project born within the computer vision lab of the ETH University of Zurich. After 6 years of growing success the company has exceeded their project milestone of 100 smart parking implementations and is excited to bring new detection solutions into the market using their principle ‘One investment in camera infrastructure, multiple computer vision-based solutions enabled.’

CyQIQ and Parquery’s joint collaboration provides customers with an end-to-end analytical solution offering valuable real-time information. Look our for more information on our growing partnership and successful projects in the coming weeks!



We are excited to announce a new partnership! Rubicon Red is a boutique consulting provider of custom cloud solutions, helping organisations leverage the API economy to unlock innovation and deliver awesome experiences for their customers, believing digital technology provides the catalyst to reimagine what’s possible and continuously innovate to transform business. The team specialise in API-driven enterprise connectivity and integration, application development and data platform services spanning the entire development lifecycle.

With a mission to help customers ‘cross the rubicon’ by transforming the way digital solutions are delivered and a very similar DNA to CyQIQ and a focus on customer success, we work closely with the team at Rubicon Red to assist customers with their smart city journeys so you can manifest your critical business capabilities as services, and quickly deliver, scale and take to market your smart city initiatives.



We are excited to announce our partnership with SENSONEO, an EU-based tech company whose mission is to provide smart, enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle.
SENSONEO offers hardware and software tools for easier and more efficient waste collection practices, bringing transparency and cost savings to municipalities, waste collectors, facility management companies, factories and more. In addition, they have a wide array of solutions highlighting their capability in  asset management, waste monitoring, route planning and early overflow detection for manholes.
SENSONEO’s Smart Waste Management platform was developed in 2014. It empowers municipalities and industries to manage ever-growing volumes of commercial and municipal waste. Through its unique technology, SENSONEO is redefining the way waste is managed. Hardware and software tools developed in-house provide cities and businesses with data-driven decision-making capabilities, and optimisation of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads.






Zenvito is all about making IT stress free and many CyQIQ customers seek assistance beyond our IoT and Smart city services and look for a reliable partner. We work with Zenvito and we share share many values around excellence in customer service, innovation and collaboration. Zenvito can help with managed ICT services, software development and integration services and do for many of our customers today.

CYQIQ  x  Zinier


We are excited to announce our partnership with Zinier, a global company whose mission is to help field service organisations take the leap towards a more automated world.
With Zinier’s intelligent field service automation platform, organisations can transform how they coordinate and execute work so they can solve problems faster, fix things before they break, and maintain the infrastructure that people rely on every day.

Zinier utilises AI-driven automation to help mobile workers and field service teams drive productivity, increase visibility into the field and deliver better customer experiences. Companies all around the world use Zinier to connect their teams and data and supercharge every aspect of their field service operations.

The combination of our smart city focus, and Zinier’s intelligent platform offers an end to end solution for councils looking to maximise efficiency with their technology and IoT devices. We are excited to join the revolution!