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Key Decision Makers in Implementing Smart City Solutions

Implementing smart city solutions have a significant impact on our society, economy, and of course the broader environment. For example, smart waste can reduce operating costs, and public Wi-Fi enables citizens to stay connected and has a positive impact on tourism, both of which contribute to the overall efficiency of a local government area. But …

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IoT Significant Projects

With the advancement of IoT, there have been many initiatives across a range of industries that hold significant value and importance. Below we have highlighted just a few of the exciting things happening in the world of IoT right now: Nano Satellites    Nano satellites have been trending lately and many companies have launched their …

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The World of IoT Devices

The word IoT is on everyone’s lips right now, but what does it actually mean? IoT, or The Internet of Things, is made up of a collection of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines with unique identifiers (UIDs), with the ability to transmit data across a network without needing contact between people and computers. …

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City of Palmerston

The problem: Difficulty maintaining peak liveability conditions in a fast-growing isolated region. Our solution: The facilitation of a joint initiative between the community, NT police and various government institutions to enhance sustainability and public safety for local residents. We were successful in our application for Commonwealth grant funding for the $2 million program, throughout which we have …

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Smart Cities in Australia

Australia has some of the most livable cities in the world. Over the years, Australian cities have managed to consistently secure spots across different livability rankings for international cities. In fact, last year, Melbourne and Sydney ranked second and third respectively in the Economic Intelligence Unit’s global index in livability.  Great job mate! However, many …

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Smart Cities

The science fiction of yesterday is now becoming the reality of today. The smart cities of tomorrow are already here, and it is no longer just a concept imagined or a dream of the future. It has become more than just a buzzword thanks to the different technological advancements that we have witnessed evolve over …

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