smart lighting image
Remote asset monitoring and proactive maintenance capability.
Enhanced public safety through well-lit public areas and more proactively managed lighting infrastructure.
Energy savings (up to 30% for smart controls) and contribution to sustainability goals.
Remote control to allow lighting to be adjusted on demand, on schedule or in response to the conditions.

Fill level data allows you to analyse and predict the required frequency of waste collections, resulting in a better use of resource time, and a decrease in expenditure from the collection of empty bins.
Optimise bin collections
Decrease labour costs for waste management
smart waste image
Avoid overfill and loose waste
Gain visibility of waste trends and service needs

Improved traffic flow through busy city streets by reducing the need to manually look for parking.
Efficiency in parking infrastructure utilisation.
Insight into parking trends supporting more informed planning and decision making.
smart parking image
Guided enforcement capabilities for parking management.
Integrate with payment applications and alleviate the need to pay parking with coins.

smart city platform images
Extract the value from your IoT and Smart City elements.
Offer insight and reporting on the aspects you need to make well informed decisions.
Gain valuable insight into trends and patterns to determine which areas of your city require your priority attention.
Real-time flow and utilisation measurement
Understand pedestrian flow
Proactively plan transport and services
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environmental sensors image
Monitor living conditions.
Quantify air quality, weather conditions or other environmental attributes to support your needs.
Meet compliance needs for environmental factors.
Manage public health warnings.
Public health monitoring of water sources.
Detect leaks through smart metering.
Receive early indication of flooding through accurate sensor data.
smart water images

Remotely monitor assets and take preventative actions as necessary.
Recognise and attend to abnormal behaviour.
Understand the utilisation of public spaces to optimise event planning and maximise public safety.
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wifi image
Understand utilisation of public spaces.
Enable widespread connectivity for emergency management and communication.
Support for tourism, visitors and local economy.
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