So What Does Smart Lighting Mean For My Lighting Costs?

Telensa, the world leading provider of connected street lighting and smart city data applications, has announced that its PLANet smart street lighting solution has been awarded AEMO certification. The certification enables cities using PLANet to benefit financially from the energy savings achieved through dimming, trimming and managing constant-light-output. As opposed to the traditional flat day …

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Welcome to the New Age

Waste management has been relatively static over the past 50 years, with manual systems and regular everyday waste collection schedules dominating the market. But the cycle had been broken over the past decade when smart solutions, IoT devices and cloud services came into play. The truth is, waste collection relies on fixed schedules, ignoring the real needs and demands. It is no secret that waste collection trucks constantly circle around …

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How Smart Waste Works

You may wonder how smart waste management actually works and what it really means. It’s important to note that there are three key technologies that are involved in smart waste management. Smart waste sensors, smart compacting bins and supporting technologies. Smart Waste Sensors – Waste Sensors are small devices, which usually attach to the top …

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No More Counting Dollars, We’ll Be Counting Cars

Understanding vehicle movements can be complicated and often requires a lot of energy and resources. However, smart parking solutions can alleviate the complexity of making sense of all the noise. Smart counter systems, such as entry gates, can detect vehicle entries and departures from carparks, giving insight into parking trends and patterns. This information can …

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Gateway to a Worry-free Commute

One of the biggest problems that cities are currently facing is traffic congestion. Packed motorways and busy city streets, especially during peak hours, contributes to increased pollution and driver frustration. Around a third of Australian drivers waste hours of time not to mention litres of fuel by circling in blocks to search for available parking …

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What Do Smart Cities Look Like in the Future?

These days more than half of the world’s population live in the cities and this number is constantly growing. This urban expansion brings a big challenge in managing resources and infrastructure; however, process automation and optimisation of cities could hold the answer by using resources more efficiently to cater for the growth. The future comes not only with new questions …

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