Preparing for Smart Lighting Adoption


Whether you are ready for smart lighting now or not, it pays to know how to prepare for it, so it can be easily adopted later. It can save a lot of money to build in some basic standards to development projects to find major cost savings down the line.

We recommend:

  • Audit lighting assets, fault reporting and establish the current state.
  • Determine where your lighting assets are in their lifecycle.
  • Determine which poles you own and which ones are controlled by third parties such as utilities, road infrastructure managers or state government entities.
  • When replacing lights we recommend buying suitable LED wattages which have NEMA and/or Zhaga sockets available to allow smart lighting to be easily retrofitted later.
  • Rolling out smart lighting control systems at the time when LEDs are being replaced, helps to reduce labour costs associated with upgrading lighting assets to smart, connected devices.