Gateway to a Worry-free Commute


One of the biggest problems that cities are currently facing is traffic congestion. Packed motorways and busy city streets, especially during peak hours, contributes to increased pollution and driver frustration. Around a third of Australian drivers waste hours of time not to mention litres of fuel by circling in blocks to search for available parking spots, which generates additional traffic and slows down transportation infrastructure.

Smart parking offers an innovative solution for traffic reduction in the urban environment. Technologies such as camera-based systems, vehicle counting devices, and in-ground sensors open a new world for transportation management. This aims to make parking easier while improving traffic flow and optimising parking infrastructure. Smart parking network devices allow for data collection on parking trends which is then send to the cloud for other applications to consume. With the help of the Internet of Things, data can be quickly picked up and analysed to adjust traffic light waiting times, determine the occupancy of carparks and provide information for mobile payment applications, so that residents can easily book and manage their parking.

The urban expansion around the world creates new challenges and urges cities to look for unconventional solutions. Taking a leap towards the next generation parking systems is a gateway to smarter and more sustainable infrastructure networks. Talk to our team today to find out more.