Significance of Implementing Smart Solutions

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Data has quickly become one of the most valuable resources in the world, maybe even more so than oil. We have heard this many times, but what does it really mean? And more importantly, what does it has to do with smart solutions?

Information shapes business. With accurate insights into operations, stakeholders can make better business decisions. IoT provides the opportunity for real-time information which leads to more efficient and streamlined analysis. Common IoT devices include sensors, which constantly collect and transmit data. Automated intelligent processes then filter this data to provide only the required information in an easy to understand manner on demand. This is just one example of how IoT can be integrated with existing systems to provide a centralised, holistic solution. Another example can be found in the challenging times of COVID-19, where smart technologies are helping to monitor public spaces to reduce public gatherings and increase community safety. The otherwise manual process would be inefficient in this type of circumstance, and difficult for authorities to quickly enforce.

Positive customer experience is essential for business success. Fundamentally, if your customers are not satisfied with the products or services you are offering, your business will not grow. We are living in times where people are reliant on technology and expect instant gratification because it increases productivity. For example, when we go to the supermarket, we don’t have time to drive around for hours looking for a park. Instead, it’s much easier for us to look at the sign telling us which area has the most spaces, and then follow the sensors and coloured lights to determine the exact spaces available. Most people do not know what happens behind the scenes, or that smart parking technologies are responsible for this convenience, and they don’t need to. All they care about is that they can quickly find a park and get on with their shopping.

In addition to increased customer satisfaction and productivity that come from smart technologies, another key benefit is the positive environmental effect. Reducing the use of resources, electricity, people and money, and continuous automated monitoring of their qualities makes our organisations greener. Environmental issues are a concern for all of us, and the use of smart solutions helps to increase the sustainability and liveability of our regions.