IoT Significant Projects

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With the advancement of IoT, there have been many initiatives across a range of industries that hold significant value and importance. Below we have highlighted just a few of the exciting things happening in the world of IoT right now:

  • Nano Satellites     
    Nano satellites have been trending lately and many companies have launched their own versions. Satellite connectivity is being used where telecommunication coverage isn’t available but the benefits of IoT are sought. Commonly we see this in mining and agriculture, but we are seeing more and more use cases for satellite enabled IoT. Fun Fact: After launching satellite network ‘Project Galaxy’, Fleet Space Technologies reported that over a million devices were registered to their connection. Impressive, isn’t it? These nano satellites are cheap and convenient as compared to the more traditional ones.
  • Micro mobility    

    To overcome increasing transportation challenges in congested cities, IoT solutions providers have come to the rescue by introducing us to the world of micro mobility. IoT enabled scooters, skateboards and bikes have changed the way we commute by reducing congestion, travel time and carbon emissions through the use of alternative transport options. Let’s not overlook the health benefits of these activities, with fresh air and outdoor recreation forming a regular part of the daily work routine and emotional stimulation soaring as a result.

    Noteworthy features of these vehicles include the ability to measure speed and distance, GPS route detection and parking services ensuring riders do not enter prohibited areas or leave footpaths cluttered. In addition, limitations to how the vehicles can be used enforces correct rider behaviour and improves vehicle safety.

  • Smart homes

    IoT has added an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience to running a household. Many devices now come with smart capabilities designed to make our lives more efficient, such as fridges that monitor stock levels of particular items, garage doors that open automatically when your car comes within a predefined distance of your house, and door handles that utilise facial recognition or fingerprint ID to unlock the door.

    Voice assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa are enabling a more dependent generation who utilise the automations to control a range of devices throughout their homes. Our CIO Shona has configured her trio of Alexa’s to perform all manner of tasks for her, ranging from adding items to a shopping list and placing an order from Coles, to vacuuming the house with Robbie the Robovac on a daily schedule. She’s even established a routine for when she’s feeling a bit down, which involves telling Alexa “I’ve had a bad day”, and Alexa replies with “I’m sorry to hear that Shona” before boiling the kettle, dimming the lights and switching on the TV and an electric blanket ready for movies on the couch. Sounds a little bit like that tv show The Jetsons if you ask me.

    While this example may seem a little ridiculous, the point is that IoT really is everywhere and the limitations of the technology are becoming smaller by the minute. It’s an exciting and everchanging landscape and one we are passionate about contributing more to. Do you have any cool uses of IoT? Share them with us here!